• Manufacturing Workshop

    Abundant Technology Strength
    High skilled personnel, advanced production technology and automation equipment, perfect processing procedure, Japanese technical consultant to guarantee you high quality products.
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    The Combination of Technology

    Technical integration of all kind of precision machining
    Allows customers to purchase in one-stop of precision machinery equipment parts, precision shaft parts, precision cast iron slider block, precision mould and die spare tooling, Precision round parts, precision CNC/lathe components etc.
  • Full Quality Inspection

    Full inspection of raw material, semi-finished parts, finished part, inspection data and packaging.
    Strictly implement ISO9001 quality management system
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    Rich Manufacturing Experience

    Customers are at home and abroad, quality and service are well-known
    OEM services for many world-famous electronic communication companies over years.
  • Comprehensive Services

    Customers'Requirements Follow up & Service
    One to one follow up service from ordering, process planning, manufacturing, packaging, delivering. Strictly keep customers' information confidential.
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    Highly Cost-effective

    Supreme quality manufacturing, high efficiency products , reasonable price
    Commit the lead time and maximize customers'interests with high efficiency manufacturing.
  • Keep Commitment

    No burrs, no dents, adherence to delivery, keep commitment
    All our Yize people consider it our own responsibility to produce perfect products, earnestly do self-checking work and never permit the outflow of defective goods.
Professional customization
Dongguan Yize Mould Co., Ltd. was established in January 1st, 2007. It's located in No. 62, Jinghai East Road,Shatou Community, Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The factory covers an area of 4,500 square meters.There are 125 employees currently, including 96 direct production personnel. It's a processing and manufacturing enterprise, specialized in the production of precision mold components. Now our main customers are Sumitomo, Kyocrea, JAE, FCI, MOLEX and other excellent electronic products companies.With more than ten years' manufacturing experience of precision mold parts, all employees of Yize always adhere to the good wishes of “Altruism” and constantly implement the quality service policy of “Quality First, Customer Priority” , strive to provide customers with the premium quality and delivery.

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  • In 2016-Infrastruction Construction

    Comprehensively Carried Out
    Re-organization in Company
    YIZE MOULD Philosophy
    Carried Out Various Training
    Established and Improved the
    Management Mechanism of
    Each Department

  • In 2017-Visual Construction

    Data Board Visualization
    Data Visualization
    Management Visualization

  • In 2018-Digital Construction

    ERP System Import
    Operational Statistics
    Accurate Data to Teams
    and Individuals

  • In 2019-Automation Construction

    To Increase EDM Tool-Magazine Equipment
    To Invest Automatic QC Inspection Equipment
    Optimize Production Process Implementation of ZERO Defective program.