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The Development of Chinese Mould Industry
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    In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and manufacturing industry, Chinese mould industry step into a period of rapid development. It is said that from China Die & Mould Industry Association, in 1995 In China's mold industry is worth about 14.5 billion yuan, in 2003 reached to 45 billion yuan, the average annual growth of 14%. According to the statistics, except Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao area, the existing mold production factory has more than 20000, employees about 600000 people, the annual output value reached to 10 million yuan mold enterprise has reached more than 10. Predictably, the rapid development of China's economy will die on the proposed more large, more urgent demand, mold development, especially large-scale precision, complex, long life. At the same time requirement of mold design, manufacturing, and the production cycle to a whole new level. Chinese mold industry faces opportunities, will also face greater challenges.
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