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The Broad Prospect of Mold Industry
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    Mold is the basic technological equipment of industrial production, which is known as "the mother of industry". Mould industry development in our country exists imbalance in the regional distribution, that is, the southeast coastal area develop faster than the Midwest area.
    How about the prospect of mold industry?
    The application of mold is growing. This field has been applied to the bigger and higher demands of development of die and mold industry to shape the faster development speed than other manufacturing industries, which has become a universal law. For mold market, our country are doing their best to continuous innovate and continuous research products which are keeping pace with the times. It can be seen everywhere that the function of mold is powerful and broad. The prospect of mold industry in our country is very optimistic. However, In overall level, the mold design and manufacturing standard of our country lag behind other countries, such as Germany, the United States. What is more, the product quality and standardization level is not high.
    At present, China is faced with the dual pressure of the technological advantages of developed countries and the price advantage of developing countries. Chinese mold enterprises must update technology, actively introduce the foreign advanced mold manufacturing technology, in order to improve the mold explore capabilities of high-end product and constantly improve the international competitiveness of our country’s mold industry. Only in this way can mold industry develop stably.
About the mold industry, domestic and international situation, on the one hand, it provides an unprecedented space for development, on the other hand, it stimulates more intense competitive challenges.
    The prospect of mold industry in our country is broad. Opportunities and Threats coexist.
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