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A few simple steps to achieve mould lean production
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    Lean production has become the way to survival for a lot of industries. Mould manufacturing is influenced by the trend. Mould manufacturers quickly realized that mould lean production is a bright avenue to improve the efficiency and shorten the delivery cycle.
    The steps to achieve mould lean production as follow:
    1.Lean production is based on common sense
    Lean production is a simple concept, and it is based on the strategies of common sense. These strategies is to reduce time and reduce the cost in the process of producing products, that is, to bring customers more value and better quality through the adoption of lean process.
    2.Come into effect 
    A simple method to began the process is to carefully consider which activity isn't adding value in the workshop. Where is the restrict bottleneck? Where are the unnecessary measures? What makes this process slower than they should be?
    3.Get rid of waste
    For many factories, the biggest part of the not adding value is waste. In a lot of mold factory, waste is a big problem. A method of dealing with waste is to improve the quality to an extreme.
    4.Deal with the waste
    Not only with high efficient machine, but the process of using machine should also be efficient. In the traditional manufacturing factory, it easily go wrong due to the problem of machine or workers. In a factory with lean production, when an error occurs, it can be immediately found, and know where the error is.
    5.Strictly control the production cost
    In addition to the waste and old technology, many cost accounting systems of mold factory  also limit their ability of accurate calculation of production costs and accurate pricing. For many mold factory, the costing accounting system based on activity may be a better way.
    6.Start small, action immediately
    Lean production is becoming one of the ways to remain competitive in the market for mold factory.
    Please keep in mind that mould lean production is the true process focused on customers. It can lead to better quality, lower cost and shorter delivery cycle. These are the mold customers' requirements for all mold parts manufacturer.

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