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The Usage and Characteristics of Tungsten Steel Cutting Tools
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The main ingredients in cemented carbide is tungsten carbide. So Tungsten steel belongs to cemented carbide. It is also known as tungsten titanium alloy. Its hardness can achieve HRB89 to 95. Because of this, tungsten steel products (such as tungsten steel watches) can not easily be weared. Tungsten steel cutting tools contain tungsten steel, such as high speed steel, and some hot-work die steel.
Tungsten steel cutting tools often used in lathe tool, chopping bit, glass cutter head and ceramic tile cutter. It is very hard and not afraid of annealing, but very brittle. It is in the list of rare metals. Tungsten steel sintering molding is to press the powder into blank, again into the sintering furnace heated to a certain temperature (sintering temperature), and keep a certain amount of time, then cool down, to get the tungsten steel materials with required performance. Dongguan Yize Mould Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in producing tungsten carbide mold parts for 8 years. Our quality is absolutely guaranteed.
The characteristics of tungsten steel cutting tools:
1. No dust pollutants during operation
2. Sharp edge greatly improve production efficiency
3. Removal of all kinds of casting, forging, welding seam and the burr.
4. A variety of mechanical parts chamfer, round and groove processing
5. Suitable for all kinds of metal materials processing.
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