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The characteristics of the micro-motor plastic mould parts in China
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   Do mold people know that the election of their own production and processing of the mold is very important. Many people like to buy off the shelf, but sometimes because of the variety and size is not the same, they can not make their own satisfaction. So how to select the micro motor plastic mold parts? Today, we look at the characteristics of  micro-motor plastic mold parts in China , how customers are satisfied with the purchase, with the rest assured. Take the appropriate Ze for it.
   What are the characteristics of micro-motor plastic mould parts in China? Listen, for customers, we should Ze mold not only allows them to buy an order ready, but also in accordance with their custom to do processing, if there is any small problem, can be resolved in a timely manner.
   For example, the requirement for a custom micro motor plastic mold is:
Material: Japan (SKD11.SKD61.SKH51.S45C)
USA (AISA.D2.H13.P20.M2)
Germany (DIN.2379.2363.2344.2347)
ASSAB (Rigor.Stavax.Impax.Elmax.ASP23)
Hardness: HRC 58-60
Grinding precision: 0.001mm
Discharge machining accuracy: 0.002mm.
   Yi Ze perfectness to the customer to do. Fully demonstrate the characteristics of micro motor plastic mold parts in China . Such an approach is absolutely able to meet the requirements of the customer. And in the fastest time to give them delivery, but also to make them satisfied with the after-sales service. Of course, not only micro motor plastic parts of the characteristics of the plastic is the same, other molds also have such features, such as Precision plastic mould parts, etc... 


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