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The precision LED mold components processing in China-YIZE
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  Dongguan city is one of the famous mold city of China,its mold is out of the ordinary. In particular,precision mold components. And precision LED mold components is more popular in the mold industry,one of the mold are welcome by many friends.But what is the precision LED mold components processing process?
  Yi Ze is very strict in precision LED mold components processing, after 16 steps of strict process in the elaborate production to make perfect quality of precision LED mold components. And it relying on advanced technology, and Assab in Switzerland with global advanced VHT secondary temperingas well as cryogenic treatment, so the product acid and alkali proof is more than three times as that of peers.Exponentially improve the service life of the precision LED mold components. YIZE is a manufacturer specializing in precision mold components, precision plastic mould components,metal stamping mold components, connector mould components,non-standard round parts,carbide components.
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