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What are the advantages of precision mould components?
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 Why Yi Ze mold is the first choice for the purchase of precision mould components,and what are the advantages of precision mould components? Let me tell you, compared with counterparts, Yi Ze has 5 advantages, they are:
  Advantages1:16 steps of strict process in the elaborate production to make
perfectquality of mould components.With 15-year exploration, each step of process in YIZE is checked by senior technicians with over ten-year experience to ensure 100% quality from all process.

  Advantage 2:Depending on advanced technology, mould lifespancan be multiplied.YIZE mould materials are all imported from Tatung and Hitachi in Japan and Assab in Switzerland with global advanced VHT secondary tempering as well as cryogenic treatment, so the product acid and alkali proof is more than three times as that of peers.

  Advantage 3:Armed up with advanced equipment from Japan and an excellent production team.With 15-year experience, YIZE mould is able to meet the demands of global market. Completely.

  Advantage 4: Rapid delivery,YIZE mould has good service system and short delivery time, which only needs 7 to 10 production days from order to delivery, letting customers enjoy high-qualified service.

  Advantages 5: Personal attention to details YIZE mould pays attention to after-sale service, solving all problems of productuse for you all the day round.

  The five advantage is that we should be more than YIZE precision mould highlights, our company is specializing in precision mold components, precision plastic mould components, metal stamping mold components, connector mould components, non-standard round parts, carbide components. Products are used in many fields such as precision stamping mould, plastic mould, auto mould, pharmaceutical mould, computer connector mould and other factory automatic components. It has accumulated rich and professional experience in mould components manufacturing, technology, marketing and service, winning recognition and support from customer evaluation both at home and abroad.


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