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Chinese precision mold parts processing
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    Typically, a mold manufacturer should expect machines will produce good mould parts, do not need to rework, and do not need or just a little time to carry out Chinese precision mold parts processing,and this is what we usually say, mould processing.
    Chinese due to rapid economic development, some mold parts of major user industries, especially in the automotive, electronics and other industries "blowout" type of ultra high speed development, provides a good opportunity for the development of Chinese mold parts, Chinese precision mold parts processing industry. What is precision mold parts processing, as a precision mold parts processing manufacturers, no matter how can not avoid the mold precision machining. But that is precision mold parts processing it? Yi Ze mold for your analysis, precision mold parts processing refers to the molding and billet processing tools, but also to do a very accurate job, because it is fine, in addition, including shear die and die. Under normal circumstances, the mold with upper and lower die two components. The steel plate is placed between the upper die and the lower die, and the material is formed under the action of the press. When the press is opened, the workpiece which is determined by the shape of the die or the corresponding waste material is obtained. Small electronic connector, to the dashboard of a workpiece can die molding. Progressive die is a set of precision mold parts which can automatically process the workpiece from one station to another and get the forming parts in the last station.
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