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Understand the development of mold part industry
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   The mold is an extremely important and indispensable industrial process in the production of special basic equipment, the production process of precision manufacturing, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing as a whole, both high-tech carrier, but also high-tech products. Because of the high production efficiency, high consistency, low energy consumption consumables, and high precision and complexity, it has been widely used by the industrial production departments of the national economy. It has played a very important role in China's economic development, national defense modernization and high-end technical services in the fields of machinery, electronics, automobile, information, aviation, aerospace, light industry, military industry, transportation, building materials, medical, biological and energy Role, but also for China's economic operation in the energy saving, made an important contribution, but also to promote the development of mold parts industry.
   With the rapid development of China's national economy, automobile, household appliances, electronic communications, construction equipment, instrumentation, medical and pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber industries have considerable demand for mold market. Especially with the auto mold parts are closely related to the rapid growth of the car industry, an increase of complex, precision stamping die demand, the general trend of the mold market is smooth upward.
   As to the development of mold part industry,many years have passed ,the overall strength and comprehensive competitiveness significantly enhanced, the automotive, home appliances and other industries greatly enhance the service capacity, the industry has formed a certain number and strength of the backbone enterprises, product quality and technical level has been great Improve, foreign enterprises have also entered the Chinese procurement mold. China's mold and mold parts manufacturing industry has grown rapidly, ushered in a new round of development opportunities. Although China's mold parts industry to the annual huge import and export volume known as the global "manufacturing power", but due to technical personnel and other factors, are relatively concentrated in the low-end areas, and thus high-end market for domestic mold parts enterprises, Economic temptation is undoubtedly huge.

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