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How to maintain plastic mold properly
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As everyone knows that there are many advantages in maintaining plastic mold well. How can we properly maintain plastic mold? Let's have a look!
Maintenance of plastic mold is mainly divided into three parts: maintenance of pre-production mold (cleaning up the gungo and rust on the mold surface), maintenance of the mold in production(checking the waterway regularly to see if it is smooth, and fastening all fastening screws)and maintenance of the mold after stopping(closing the cooling waterway first,and blowing the remaining water of the waterway in mold stop before stopping).

Use properly and maintain plastic mold can effectively prolong the service life of the precision plastic mould parts.After learning the proper maintenance of the plastic mold,to develop good habits before and after the start of the machine will make mold not easy to be damaged,and more effective to extend the service life.

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