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Common types of micro-motor
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There are many types of micro-motor, generally can be divided into dc motor, ac motor, from the Angle of the whole motor, stepper motor, rotating transformer, axial Angle encoder, AC and DC motor, speed generator, inductosyn, linear motor, piezoelectric motor, motor unit and other special 13 categories, the following explains mainly three kinds of for you. .
1. Brushless DC motor
It is the fastest growing variety of small motor industry in recent years, It uses electronic commutation instead of brush and commutator, has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, long service life and convenient speed, all countries speed up the pace of new product development and market dynamics.



2. Flake Motor
With the development of electronic products in the direction of
miniaturization, light weight and thinness, the matching small motors are also required to develop in the direction of "micro, light and thin", and the development of flake Motors has become an inevitable trend. In fact, the principle of the flake motor is not much different from that of the traditional DC motor.
3. Ultra-micro motor
Ultra micro motor is the key of the micro mechanical and electrical system implementation and drive components, along with the super micro motor manufacturing level continues to improve and mature, its production and applications continue to expand, the market potential is huge, is expected to become a new economic growth point.

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