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The discussion about mold processing automation
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Along with the continuous progress of science and technology, the heat of mold processing automation has not decrease , it is kind of a development of the social progress level, but if is only thinking about rely on automation to replace technicians to make mould, the current level of science and technology is not enough. 


The core of automation is numerical control, and the core of CNC is programming. These just to mould this high complexity of 3D objects after quantization and data flow, according to the process order of mould processing and quality requirements, one-to-one with the workpiece physical completion, to achieve the satisfactory effect, the present stage is absolutely impossible.
So how can we make good use of this technology? In simple terms, is the need
for a high quality team put all production field problem of choose and employ persons to solve firstly, then the satisfactory result with quantitative data, so that it can play a more effective role in the mold processing automation equipment. As an excellent mould parts manufacturer, whether in the team or in equipment, YIZE is excellent!

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