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Where can we find the quality LED mold components?
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Many mold industry insiders want to find the quality LED mold components and their manufacturers, then where can we find the quality LED mold components? Today,the editor of YIZE MOULD will introduce the LED mold components of YIZE MOULD for you,which is trustworthy!

Take one of the LED mold components as an example, and the product details are as follows:



What are the advantages of the LED mold parts of YIZE MOULD?
1.Sodick wire cutting machines of YZIE ensure the general precision of our LED mould part to be 0.005mm, if specially required, we could guarantee linearity, parallelism and verticality within 0.002mm.

2.With the help of  Sodick and Mitsubishi EDM machines.EDM precision within 0.003mm, EDM angle clearance within R0.015,EDM surface roughness within Ra0.2 are the technical precision available.

3.If there are quality problems within 3 months, we are free to the customer maintenance and heavy, the resulting freight our burden.


4.16 steps of strict process in the elaborate production to make
perfectquality of mould components.

5.YIZE MOULD has good service system and short delivery time, which only needs 7 to 10 production days from order to delivery, letting customers enjoy high-qualified service.


The above are the relevant informations about LED mold components of YIZE.YIZE MOULD is a high quality LED mould components manufacturer,so it's not wrong to choose us for purchasing quality LED mold components!

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