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A "green channel" of understanding profile grinding
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Today I will provide you with a "green channel" of understanding profile grinding,let's take a brief look.


1.Definition of profile grinding
Profile grinding refers to the finished workpiece grinding will depend on the processing for a particular shape, profile grinding machining center which is different from the general plane. The outer circle. No internal grinding. Grinding process. Is the first special shape wheel washing Shibi or direct manufacturing intodesired, then grinding the workpiece shape and become the same grinding wheel grinding method. This is also called the "imitation type grinding" and "SEIKEI".



2.Brief introduction of profile grinding
In production, there are two main methods for profile grinding parts by surface grinding machine. One is grinding by truing and shaping grinding wheel, and the other is grinding by special fixture.


3.Dimensional conversion of profile grinding process
In profile grinding, the operator needs to convert the design dimensions of the drawing into the technological dimensions of profile grinding.


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