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The Meeting of Sharing Experiences Has Been Held in YIZE MOULDS Last N...
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In the era of continuous progress,if an enterprise does not progress in thought and technology,it will eventually be eliminated by the times.As an excellent precision connector mold parts manufacturer,YIZE is also pays attention to the development of the times so that keep up with the pace of the times.


In order to strengthen the cohesion of enterprises,improve production technology,and ensure that the delivery time is punctual,there was a meeting of sharing experiences that was held by Mr.Wang of YIZE MOULD last night.



During the meeting,Mr.Wang shared his life experience and summed up his experience at first:
1.Labor can make life rich,make people respected,create personality,set an example,make the family happy,and make people harvest happiness.
2.We must change,be strong,and overcome our weaknesses.
3.Even if there are shortcuts, we will stick to our principles.
4.In the face of difficulties and setbacks,either burned to ashes, or Nirvana rebirth.


Secondly, the current situation of production of Yi Ze, the biggest enemy of the delivery stage of our point of view, and encourage Duoyi colleagues to work together to overcome the difficulties, improve production technology, delivery guarantee, guarantee the mould parts, parts quality, do a professional precision connector mold parts manufacturer.



1.Everyone tries to carry out perfectionism
2.Making every effort to do every step
3.Keeping a high degree of alertness, even with minor errors, can lead to serious consequences
4.All actions listen to command


Finally, Mr.Wang shared his own views on the future development of the connector:the absolute competitiveness of the future, high price is not a problem, the popularization of automation will become a new trend.

1.Degree of automation
2.The stability of talents
3.Clear goals
4.A high degree of unity
5.Taking the initiative to take responsibility
6.Guarantee of delivery date



Perseverance is the way to success,as an excellent precision connector mold parts manufacturer,YIZE has developed in Dongguan mold industry for more than ten years,we believe that YIZE will get better and better!

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