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What is the principle of profile grinding?
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It is the most commonly used and most useful method that using profile grinding to finish punch, mold and cavity module and core in grinding mold manufacturing. So what is the principle of profile grinding?


The principle of profile grinding is as follows:
The mould forming parts such as the punch edge and the cavity of the pieces of many shapes, usually by mane brick with straight line or circular arc and arc dash alignment is decomposed into several linear and circular short dash line, and then segmented grinding, which are connected into a slick, grinding way light the whole and fit pattern.


profile grinding


This is a "green channel" of understanding profile grinding.In addition, the profile grinding is characterized by good quality, high accuracy and fast processing speed. The mold parts are usually shaped and machined after heat treatment, which reduces the influence of the deformation of the parts after heat treatment on the precision of the mold.

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