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Discussing the development of CNC machine
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As we all know, CNC machine tool is suitable for processing various parts, high-precision optical components, auto parts, and electronic parts and so on, and processing materials include copper, aluminum, various kinds of stainless steel, plastic and rubber. Today we are going to explore the development of CNC machine.


Discussing the development of CNC machine


From a macro perspective, the development of CNC machine can be divided into five stages: high speed cutting, high precision control, high flexibility, resource networking and system intelligence.


From the microcosmic point of view, we can analyze it from the following aspects:
1.High speed cutting can be achieved through high speed operation, fast interpolation calculation, ultra-high speed communication and high-speed spindle.
2.High spindle speed can reduce the cutting force, and is conducive to the deep parts of the machine vibration, infectious greatly reduce heat, cutting speed, thermal deformation is reduced, so the machining precision and surface quality can be improved significantly.



3.The CNC system in twenty-first Century will be a highly intelligent system. It can realize self-adaptation, self-diagnosis and self-adjustment in local or global process, intelligent programming, intelligent monitoring, and expert system can reduce operator's requirements.


Above, we discussed the development of CNC machine tool from two angles of macro and micro. Besides, if you want to know compensation method for CNC machining, you can continue to focus on the dynamic of YIZE.


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