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Merry Christmas
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It is once again an annual Christmas,first of all,YIZE want to send our sincere wishes to our western customers and send our best wishes to our domestic customers.


However,how much do you know about Christmas?At first,it was traditionally celebrated on December 25 by most Western Christian churches.Although dating to probably as early as a.d.200,the feast of Christmas did not become widespread until the Middle Ages.The Christmas festival falls on New Year's Eve, the beginning of the year, so Westerners attach great importance to this festival, a feast as much as China spring festival!


Merry Christmas


The way countries celebrate Christmas is a little different, but the most important thing to talk about is that the idea of eating apples at Christmas is only in China. Apple is a symbol of peace in China, so it has gradually become a "Chinese characteristic".YIZE MOULD is a Chinese core pins&sleeves manufacturer, and we hope all of you will have a wonderful Christmas!

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