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Application of profile grinding in mold manufacturing
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In recent years, the level of mold manufacturing in China has improved significantly,and precision is a trend in the development of mold manufacturing.The form grinding process can fine machining the parts with complex cross-section shape.Here we will take a look at the application of profile grinding in mold manufacturing.


application of profile grinding


There are many kinds of methods for profile grinding,and the frequently-used methods include grinding wheel grinding and grinding jig grinding,these two grinding methods,although they have their own characteristics,however,when the mold parts are processed,they often need to be used together in order to guarantee the quality of the parts,put up productivity and cut the cost,meanwhile,when the special fixture is used in combination with the forming grinding wheel,it is often convenient to grind out complex pieces of work.Besides,it often uses a forming grinder or a plane grinder.



There are many kinds of application of profile grinding in automobile mould manufacturing, because it has the advantages of high precision and high efficiency.Instead of traditional EDM,the use of profile grinding can shorten the processing time by about 60%. At present, it is widely used in the industry.

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