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About the basic knowledge of injection mold
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Recently, many people have been asking me some basic knowledge of injection mold. Today, YIZE MOULD shares the basic knowledge of injection mold.


1.What is the injection mold?
Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products, and it is also a tool that gives plastic products the whole structure and exact size. Injection molding is a kind of processing method used in batch production of some complex parts.


basic knowledge of injection mold


2.What is the injection molding machine?
An injection molding machine is a main molding device for forming plastic articles of various shapes from thermoplastic plastics or thermosetting plastics using plastic molding dies. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all-electric, hydraulic.


3.What parts are made of an injection mold?
Injection mold casting system, injection mold carrier section, cavity molding section, mold cooling system, mold positioning system, ejector system, and exhaust system.



4.What are the characteristics of injection mold manufacturing?


Mold is the mother of industry and is the core of the manufacturing industry. We need to understand the basic knowledge of injection mold, as well as the combination of theory and practice for injection molding.

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