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Analysis of general grinding processing
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It is well known that grinding is a method to process the workpiece surface with a high linear speed by grinding tools.So what are the general grinding processing? Now let's take a look at it.


general grinding processing


1.Selecting reasonably the grinding wheel brand and accuracy according to the material, hardness, precision and surface roughness of the workpiece.

2.During the grinding process, you must not stop in the middle of the road. When you want to stop, you must stop feeding and exit the grinding wheel.

3.Before the shaft workpiece is clamped, the center hole should be inspected. There should be no defects such as ellipse, bump, burr, etc., and the workpiece should be cleaned. After heat treatment, the center hole should be repaired and the lubricant should be added.


plastic mold spare parts factory


The above general grinding processing technologies is suitable for the processing technology of the mould parts factory. Generally speaking, the general grinding processing has the following characteristics:
High grinding speeds
High grinding temperature
Can get good processing quality
Wide range of grinding
Less swarf
The grinding wheel has a "self-sharpening effect" in grinding

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