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About the development of EDM technology
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Today, YIZE MOULD would talk about briefly the development of EDM technology for you.


EDM originated in 1943. The Soviet scholar Lazarenko and his wife studied and invented EDM, which developed rapidly with the improvement of pulse power supply and control system. The original pulse power supply was a simple resistor-capacitor circuit.


the development of EDM technology


In the 1950s, it was improved to the circuit of resistance-inductance-capacitance. At the same time, the so-called long pulse power supply, such as pulse generator, is used to improve the erosion efficiency and reduce the relative loss of tool electrodes.


Subsequently, high-frequency pulse power sources such as high-power electronic tubes and thyristors emerged, which improved the productivity under the same surface roughness conditions and promoted the development of EDM technology.


In the 1960s, transistors and controllable silicon pulse power supply appeared, which improved energy efficiency and reduced tool electrode loss, and expanded the adjustable range of roughing and finishing.


EDM department in YIZE MOULD


In the 1970s, high and low voltage composite pulses, multi-loop pulses, equal-amplitude pulses and adjustable waveform pulses appeared. New progress has been made in surface roughness, precision and tool electrode loss reduction.


The long history of research and development is the root of the leading Spark Machines and the Sinker EDM in Switzerland and Japan. Since the 1950s, the two countries have started the research and development of EDM technology, which has not stopped until today. It has been nearly 60 years of research and development history and experience.

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