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The wonderful review of year-end dinner party in YIZE MOULD
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has been successfully held on January 19, 2019 at 4 p.m. There are many highlights in this annual meeting. Here I will review them for you.


First of all, we have a summary of the year 2018 and a plan for the year 2019. Mr.Wang and representatives of various departments have made brilliant speeches.


About the goals and plans of the New Year and how to achieve high goals, Mr. Wang summed up six aspects for us:
1.If you have no desire, nothing will happen.
2.Enterprises will succeed only if they continue to pay no less than anyone
else's efforts.
3.To challenge new products, new technologies and new markets.
4.It is imperative to train the whole staff in mould knowledge and skills.
5.We will fully implement data visualization management in 2019.
6.We have to do daily accounting.


Mr.Wang made an address:

Mr.Yang made an address:

Statements by representatives of various departments:



Next comes the commendment process.




The atmosphere of festivals is always decorated with laughter, singing and dancing. Here are the lottery, games and performance links that we all look forward to very much. Let's hurry to watch them together!




Happy time always passes so fast, "The year-end dinner party in YIZE MOULD" is also coming to an unconscious end. Here, we thank all the guests and friends once again, and all the behind-the-scenes workers who prepare the ear-end dinner party. Thank you!


Next year, we will continue wonderful!

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