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The recruit of YIZE MOULD in the new year
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At the beginning of the new year, if you are still worrying about finding a job, you might as well come to Yize Mould for interview as soon as possible. Our company is looking for discharging and grinding trainees. I believe you can always find your own place in this big family!


The recruit of YIZE MOULD in the new year


With the globalization trend of the mold market further strengthened, in order to provide customers with more accurate, fast and better service, the company has made a comprehensive plan in terms of quality, technology, management, equipment and materials.We hope to provide customers with a meticulous care and completely relieve customers of worries about the needs of precision mold parts.


At the same time, the company also pays attention to humanistic care, from entry to promotion are accompanied by professional training.  In addition, the company has tea corner and gym, employees can use it freely during the rest time, combining work and leisure.




We also hope that you with passion and dreams will join our team for common development and a bright future will be created by us together!

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