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The Management Conference of YIZE MOULD
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In order to improve the quality of precision mold parts and strengthen the implementation of various specifications,recently, Yize Mould held the second business meeting to review the work together.


The meeting was divided into two parts.
First of all, reading aloud necessary conditions for leaders:
1.Humility must always be maintained
2.Must be fair
3.Must have the courage and spirit of self-sacrifice
4.Follow principles
5.Creative mind
6.Be courageous and open-minded
7.Pursuing profit brightly and honestly
8.Recognize why you are a leader




Secondly, we can start from the following aspects about how leaders mobilize the enthusiasm of workers:
1.Treat employees as business partners
2. Let employees love you
3.Explain the significance of the work
4. Revealing High Goals

5. Define the mission of the enterprise

6. Continuous narration of philosophy

7. Raise your mind


How to become a high-quality connector mold parts processing factory, YIZE MOULD has been groping along this road. Whether it is to improve the quality of precision round parts or the training and growth of technicians, we are striving to improve, and we believe that in the near future, YIZE MOULD will shine in the mold parts processing industry.

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