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About The Relevant knowledges of EDM Technology
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As we all know, dies are also a basic industry for the development of a country. Many products produced in batches are inseparable from dies, and EDM is one of the most important technologies for manufacturing dies.Today we will talk about the relevant knowledges of EDM technology.


Technical Characteristics of EDM:
1. High energy density of pulse discharge makes it easy to process special materials and workpieces with complex shapes that are difficult to be processed or cannot be processed by common machining methods. It is not affected by material hardness and heat treatment condition.

2. The duration of pulse discharge is very short, the range of heat conduction and diffusion is small, and the range of material affected by heat is calibrated.

3. Tool electrodes are not in contact with workpiece materials during processing, and the macro-force between tool electrodes and workpiece materials is not required to be harder than that of workpiece materials. Therefore, tool electrodes are easy to manufacture.

4. It can reform the structure of the workpiece, simplify the processing technology, improve the service life of the workpiece and reduce the labor intensity of the worker.





Characteristics of EDM:
1.EDM with simple feed motion relative to the workpiece by means of forming tool electrodes;
2.Using axially moving wire as tool electrode, the workpiece trajectories according to the required shape and size to cut conductive materials by WEDM.

3.EDG with wire or shaped conductive grinding wheel as tool electrode for small hole grinding or shape grinding.


The above are the relevant knowledges of EDM technology.In short, as a new processing technology, EDM will occupy a place in the future. Because its energy is electricity, compared with coal, natural gas, oil and other difficult to renewable resources for energy production equipment is undoubtedly an advantage!


If you want to know more about the relevant knowledges of EDM technology,you can contact us at anytime!YIZE MOULD is ready to serve you!

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