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The first full meeting of YIZE MOULD in 2019
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On November 1, YIZE MOULD held the first full meeting in 2019. The meeting has two purposes: 1. Aggregate company data and plan company goals. 2. Get to a common view for company philosophy and implement it.


In addition, this meeting has three clear goals:
1. Transparent management, reporting company data to all members, and setting targets for the next month.
2. Carry out philosophical propaganda for all members and consensus on the company philosophy.
3. Honoring outstanding employees and warmly welcome colleagues.



The conference consists of five main parts:
1. Read "Twelve Businesses"
2. Achievements summary and plan
3. Recognition and new employees turn positive
4. October factory summary
5. Speech by general manager


We are a whole, we work together and hope that we can create a brilliant together!

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