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The first game of Yize mould tug of war competition
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In order to enrich the company's cultural life and enhance the team cooperation spirit, Yize mould held the first friendship tug of war competition on December 10, with 8 teams and 14 people in each team. In this competition, points system is adopted for promotion, and the order of competition is determined by drawing lots and grouping.


A picture to feel the high-spirited atmosphere of the scene



No matter on or off the field, the atmosphere is very tense. With the sound of shouting and cheering, all the players in each group try their best to fight with their opponents. The players in the field use their own unique way to interpret a common word - unity. The strong, brave, United and cooperative spirit showed deeply affected everyone present. It's not important to win or lose. What's important is that we will get the spirit of unity and cooperation in this competition and never give up. This will also be of great benefit to our work and life in the future.


This is the first match. The results of each group match are as follows: friendship first, competition second.



The tug of war is divided into four games. The first three are group matches, and the last one is the final. The winning team will have a huge bonus ~ Yize mould will continue to bring you the latest war situation. Please look forward!

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