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Business management methodology of precision mold parts factory
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Business work is for sales. First of all, precision mold parts factory must have the will to reach the sales target.


So what is the nature of sales?
Is selling around sales?
Waiting to order?
What is the essence of sales?


In fact, "sales" refers to "grasping the needs of customers", which is the growth of sales performance that cannot be achieved. Because of this, we should frequently listen, observe and feel the opinions and requirements of customers.

"What size do we need you to guarantee?"

"We need quotation reply within two hours"
"We need a reply to the receipt of the order"
"We need to submit progress report reply"
"We need to guarantee delivery time"
"We need to do this"

We are always able to listen to the needs of our customers.


precision mold parts factory

In the future, precision mold parts factory Yize will fully support the sales work.The company now integrates precision metal stamping mold parts, precision plastic mold parts, non-standard round parts, tungsten carbide circular parts, CNC parts, and other fields, and makes large-scale butt joint pipes with customers. In the future, we will also march into a complete set of molds, high-precision products, and we will continue to do our best to ensure the greatest advantage to customers.


Spend money and material resources on network construction, Ali promotion, exhibition design, layout, and actively participate in large-scale exhibitions in Bangkok, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Osaka, Nagoya, Germany and other regions. We strive to build the company's brand to support business work.


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