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Non material incentive system planning of tungsten carbide mold parts ...
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There are two kinds of incentive methods for employees: material incentive and non-material incentive. Non-material incentive refers to the spiritual incentive that pays in non monetary form and affects employees' work behavior and work results. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's needs began to become diversified, and simple material incentives have been unable to meet the needs of employees. Non material incentive plays an increasingly important role in human resource management.

Through learning from Huawei's management system, Yize mould, a tungsten carbide mold parts wholeser, is determined to establish its own honor accumulation system, non material incentive system planning.

Generally speaking, the construction of corporate culture and employees' sense of identity with corporate culture and values are important factors to determine the effectiveness of non-material incentive policies. Through the analysis of Huawei's non-material incentive system, tungsten carbide mold parts wholeser's method of non-material incentive, which can be started from the following aspects:


Non material incentive system planning of tungsten carbide mold parts wholeser Yize Mould

①Safety. Safety is the basic condition for human survival. If employees lack the sense of safety, it is difficult to devote themselves to work. Enterprises should take effective measures to provide physical and psychological security for employees.


②Justice. A sense of fairness is very important for employee motivation. Although fairness mainly focuses on material incentives, employees feel that they are unfairly treated in non-material incentives, and will still reassess their living conditions, and generate a series of negative coping styles.


③Communication. Good communication is a very effective way of non-material motivation. Through communication, not only can we meet the needs of the employees to be respected, but also can make the employees have a strong psychological or feeling of being valued, and greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of employees.


④Respect. Everyone wants to be respected and needs to be respected. Therefore, the enterprise's non-material incentive should establish a people-oriented management idea to meet the needs of employees being respected.


⑤Trust. Trust is the basic element of building a high performance organization. The trust of the manager can greatly encourage the enthusiasm of the staff, and try to "employ people without doubt, doubt people without use".


⑥Promotion. Clarify the promotion channel of employees so that they can see the direction when they work hard. This is a very important part of the non-material incentive of enterprises. If there is no direction for employees' efforts, their enthusiasm will soon dissipate and they will not have the motivation to work hard independently.

The above is the main direction of non-material incentive system planning of tungsten carbide mold parts manufacturer Yize. You can contact us for precision plastic mould parts, connector mould parts, tungsten steel parts, round parts, stamping mould parts and other precision mould parts processing, and we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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