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Precision manufacturing of medical device mould parts
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Are you looking for a manufacturer of precision medical device mould parts? Next, I'd like to introduce Yize mold, a manufacturer of medical equipment mold parts with 15 years of mold parts processing experience in Chang'an, Dongguan, a famous mold town in China.


The medical device mould parts provided for you include: medical core, blood collection / infusion set / syringe medical mold parts, cavity, mold inserts, cover grinding / screw cap / motor drive shaft, sprue sleeve / push sleeve / nozzle sleeve, front mold core / rear mold core, front mold insert / rear mold insert, thin wall mold core non-standard parts, etc. welcome to customize the drawing.


medical device mould parts


Technical advantages:

1. The precision of flat grinding can reach 0.001mm, and the grinding angle can reach r0.015. The cumulative tolerance of 100 pieces can be controlled within 0.01mm

2. The fine copper wire used for wire cutting is up to 0.1mm, and the wire cutting accuracy is up to 0.005mm. The parallelism, perpendicularity and straightness can reach 0.002mm

4.The discharge precision can reach 0.005mm, the discharge angle can reach r0.015, and the discharge finish can reach Ra0.2


Our medical device mould parts adopt advanced quality management tools, the production process is strictly in accordance with the production process to complete the workpiece, "do not accept, do not manufacture, do not flow out" defective products, so do not worry about the accuracy and quality of the products, if you want to know more content, you can check our official website or contact us, we will wholeheartedly provide services for you!

In the business operation of Yize company for more than ten years, all Yize employees have been carrying out the quality service policy of "quality, customer first" with the good wish of "altruism", striving to provide customers with good quality delivery time. And, in the future, we will work harder, constantly improve and innovate, with good quality delivery, to give you satisfactory service!


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