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Yize mould April monthly training plan completed successfully
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From April 13 to 21, 2020, in order to better promote the construction of corporate culture and the establishment of quality system of the company, Yize mould launched a training plan for all employees. During the epidemic, all participants were required to wear masks and take protective measures.


Yize mould April monthly training


Our main training contents this month are as follows:

1. Company introduction and management regulations
2. Learning of the company's human resource management system
3. Machine processing introduction, basic knowledge training - Product Introduction
4. Quality management system, quality policy
5. Processing requirements and standards, improvement specifications
6. Causal intelligence learning
7. Watch the movie "no questions about the West and the East" and express your feelings
8. Explain post qualification and post assessment standard to new employee


Not only the internal learning of the company, but also the two colleagues of our business department participate in the training of Aoma system operation class. The purpose of learning is to better start. We hope to better build the corporate culture of Yize through the learning of philosophy, product knowledge, processing skills, quality specifications and various systems, so as to better guarantee our quality, delivery time and service. Every month in the future, we will arrange training and learning so that employees and the company can grow together!


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