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Development prospect of domestic mold components
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With the rapid development of the mould manufacturing technology in recent years, it has become an important part of modern manufacturing technology, and also promoted the development of the domestic mold components. Such as mould CAD/CAM technology, mould laser rapid prototyping technology, mould precision forming technology, mould of ultra precision machining technology, Mould CIMS technology, mold DNM technology which has been in the development as well as the numerical control technology and so on. It almost covers all modern manufacturing technology.
Domestic mold components industry not only have large size and scale, but also have higher and higher level. The ratio of high levels moulds which are represented by large, sophisticated, complex, and long-life mold has reached above 35%. For example, automobile cover parts mould has been able to produce B-class vehicle mold, and precision mold parts machining accuracy have been able to reach 0.5 microns. Since 1997, with the rapid development of automobile, the equipment manufacturing industry, and household electrical appliances, the demand of the domestic mold components market began to increase significantly.
The potential of China mold market is very huge. The supply of good quality stamping die falls short of demand in automobile vehicle, IT electronics, building materials, and hardware industries.

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