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The development of automobile mould market in China
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     Automobile mold is the mold used in the automobile field. More than 90% parts need to rely on the mold forming at automobile production.
     Auto body mold, especially large and medium size parts is an important part of the automobile body manufacturing technology, which is also a key link in the ability of independent development of the vehicle. Automobile mould products include automobile panel dies, tire mold, interior and exterior trim parts mold, car insurance rod mold, automobile instrument panel die, etc.. At present, there are more than 10 auto stamping die enterprise's output value over billion yuan, about 20 enterprises of the output value reached 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan, these enterprises are the main force of China's auto mold industry. In our country, the development of automobile die is the most important. Because the automobile and motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of our country, in recent years, China's auto production and sales have more than 19310000, from the perspective of industrial economic development, China's automobile, motorcycle industry has entered a stage of rapid, huge production and sales, will inevitably bring strong economic domestic demand, to bring huge market for auto mold.
     At present, the application of plastic products for automobile and motorcycle has been developed from the ordinary decorative pieces to the structure and function. The use of plastic raw materials has also been the ordinary plastic expansion to high, more resistant to impact better composite or plastic alloy, can be predicted that with the improvement of plastic material and technology and process of forming, plastic product application in automobile and motorcycle industry will be more widespread, will inevitably lead to the development of automobile mould.
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