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Do you know the category of mold spare parts?
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   Friends, we often say that the mold spare parts, do you have a deeper understanding of the mold spare parts? What are the category of mold spare parts? Take the mold of the mold type as an example,do you know about YIZE?
   Dongguan YIZE MOULD Co.,LTD is a manufacturer specializing in mold spare parts,the main mold spare parts productions are precision mould components, precision plastic mould components, metal stamping mold components, connector mould components, non-standard round parts, carbide components. Products are used in many fields such as precision stamping mould, plastic mould, auto mould, pharmaceutical mould, computer connector mould and other factory automatic components. It has accumulated rich and professional experience in mould components manufacturing, technology, marketing and service, winning recognition and support from customer evaluation both at home and abroad.then what is the mold parts of YIZE?

   YIZE mold spare parts category mainly precision mould parts, precision connector mould parts, precision plastic mold parts,precision stamping mould components, micro-motor plastic mould parts,Precision carbide mould components, LED mould components,precision automatic machine components,precision mould parts,precision mold core insert and core pins and sleeves.the mold material the main hardware, you don't see these mould parts is made of metal, but the processing is very precise.Products precision: size tolerance±0.001mm,co-axiality within 0.002, circularity 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025,linearity 300mm within 0.002.

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