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Precision mould parts machining center
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  Dongguan City, the famous city China mould,it is the precision mould parts machining center too.Mould people embracing with innovation of science and technology, technical content of high-tech people more and more high, businesses began to dig into the precision mould parts,in order to make our science and technology innovation,they in the way of precision mould parts customer customization and polishing grinding.
  Precision mold parts customer customization of the processing factory is a way of management, mainly in order to facilitate the processing of precision mould parts of processing factory, Yi Ze precision mould parts machining center using this method to produce mould parts customization . A custom precision mould parts accuracy is: + 0.001mm dimensional tolerances and concentricity, roundness is less than 0.002 0.0015mm, surface roughness and straightness tolerances in 300mm Ra0.025 less than 0.002, and in accordance with the national standard GB, Japanese standard JIS, German standard DIN, American Standard AISI international industrial standard production. Precision mould parts customer customization is customized according to the needs of customers, the customers to sample, to map the client made more prominent, customer oriented, customer supreme principle, Yi Ze mold lets the customer processing of mould parts more satisfaction and confidence.
  In addition, Yi Ze play precision mould parts machining center by the method of precision mould parts polishing and grinding, polishing and grinding  precision mould parts can improve the surface quality of round parts, meet the requirements of surface quality of parts and precision, and can prevent rust, more importantly, polishing can increase the life circle.
  Precision machining center for precision mould parts customer customization and polishing grinding is the mold industry's technological innovation and business innovation. To promote the rapid development of precision mold parts.

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