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The innovation of core pins and sleeves technology
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   The innovation of core pins and sleeves technology is the key to the rapid development of mold parts industry, so that the mold parts factory in a leading position, so many round cam ratchet manufacturers said constantly looking for the latest technology. To do a good job of round pieces, mold industry, we must upgrade the round pieces of technology, a large piece of circular processing technology innovation, that is, circular technology innovation.
   What are the innovation of core pins and sleeves technology, for example, there are some technical advances that help create opportunities or provide mold processing. Parallel processing: the core and cavity portion of the die are combined into a multitasking parallel machine tool. Flexible oblique milling spindle (b) and reverse rotation spindle (c), rectangular workpiece around and cooling holes by milling. The core and cavity components are combined into an organic whole when they are machined. The tool life is improved by coordinating the spindle rotation and milling cutter axis inclination and optimizing the tool orientation. Yi Ze is a professional do core pins and sleeves of manufacturers, in short core pins and sleeves custom manufacturers to contact YIZE mold!
   The workpiece produced by the circular cam ratchet can also be periodically inversed and dumped by the chip. The core pins and sleeves are then separated and still adhere to the reverse axis in each section. The two part reveals their two new planar milling, and the cooling holes of the mold clamping the two parts are. Compared with the traditional process, the method greatly reduces the number of clamping and process. As the mold two parts keep good direction until the separation between each other, therefore, the accuracy has also been improved. Core pins and sleeves technology innovation, but also accelerate the development of core pins and sleeves,promote economic development, improve the level of.
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