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Precision plastic mold parts processing characteristics
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   As we all know,the precision plastic mold parts of the structure with a variety of shapes and sizes, then what is the precision plastic mold parts processing characteristics? Here I am for you to analyze the specific mold parts of the structural characteristics of processing.
   First of all, it is necessary to analyze which mold part is composed of the surface, because the surface shape is the basic factor in the selection of processing methods. Precision plastic mold parts are made up of some basic surfaces and special surfaces. The basic surface has the inner and outer cylindrical surface, the conical surface and the plane and so on. For example, the outer surface of the general can be made by turning and grinding out,the hole is more through drilling, reaming, reaming, boring and grinding, etc.. Secondly,the surface size also has an important impact on the process, the inner hole, for example, large holes and small holes, deep holes and shallow holes have different characteristics in the process.
   Therefore,in the analysis of plastic mold parts of the structure, not only to pay attention to the various components of the surface itself, but also pay attention to the different combinations of these surfaces. It is these different combinations to form the structural characteristics of parts. For example, inside and outside the surface of the main circle, can be composed of disk, ring type parts, can also form a sleeve parts. For sleeve mould parts, both the general sleeve, is a thin-walled sleeve shape complex. There are some differences in the process of precision plastic mold parts processing characteristics with different structures.

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