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What is the design method of injection mold?
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   Now,the injection mold is a very practical mold, and it is very popular, because the residence mold is useful in many areas of industry. So, do you know how about the injection mold is designed? Of course, each kind of mold is a method, then what is the design method of injection mold? First of all, we look at the level of injection molding process. Injection molding process is a kind of plastic injection molding process, mainly through the injection molding machine and injection molding of the raw materials into a product process. The injection molding process parameters include injection temperature, injection pressure, holding pressure, cooling time, clamping force and so on. Yi Ze mold manufacturers as China's excellent mold supplier, in this regard is very familiar with, here to share the design method of injection mold.
   The design method of injection mold mainly includes analysis of plastic parts, injection molding machine, the mold structure design, mold design, injection molding machine and the calculation parameters of the check, mold assembly drawing and parts drawing, comprehensive audit production manufacturing and mould installation and test steps. Specific methods such as mold structure design.
1.plastic parts in the mold position and parting surface selection.
2.the number of mold cavity, cavity arrangement, etc.
3.mold gating system design, including the layout of the runner and gate type, size and location of the determination.
4.the structure design of the mould forming part is mainly the structural form of the forming parts. design.
6.side parting and core pulling mechanism design (if necessary).
7.exhaust design. determine the overall size of mold, mold purchase.
   The mold frame has been gradually standardized, selected according to the mold atlas, provided by the manufacturer, the complete structure based on the above preliminary design of mold parts draw mold. Yi Ze mold manufacturer are in strict accordance with the design method of injection mold designs, to provide customers with precision plastic mold spare parts.
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