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How to maintain automatic machine
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    In the national production, the use of automatic machine is more and more extensive, therefore, the maintenance of automatic  machine is also an extremely important part, how to do the maintenance of automatic machine well? In fact, maintenance can be divided into preventive maintenance, maintenance and maintenance after the improvement.

    1. Preventive and maintenance. Through the various measurement data and analysis, in the production of the state, to grasp the deterioration of the equipment: if the actual deterioration of the value reached a predetermined deterioration of the baseline value, then repair.

    2. Maintenance. No check, regular replacement, wait until after the equipment failure (performance) and then re-engineering.

    3. Maintenance after the improvement.It includes performance analysis、failure analysis、materials Research、design changes、overload preventing device、anticorrosion、operation standard establishment and so on.

    Maintainning automatic machine is particularly important, so as to achieve maximum benefits.


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