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Where there are core pins wholesale?
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      Today, the development of the mold industry is getting better and better, and the application of mold parts is more and more widespread. Then, if you want to find the core pins wholesale, where should you go?
      First of all, we would look at the core pins.Core pins is also called flat pins, and it mainly used in plastic products rib part of the top, there is a long strip of glue, when the needle can not be placed under the dome, we choose to use flat thimble. For the core pins wholesale, there is no doubt that YIZE
moulds is your best choice.
      Yize Mould Co.,Ltd. has been specializing in the manufacture of core pins&sleeves and other precision mould parts for over 8 years.We are one of Chinese top brands supplier of high quality core pins and sleeves, ejector blades and ejector pins etc.We also offer custom service.Besides, if you want
to know more about the core pins, you can look at the use of core pins.

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