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How to choose EDM machine in mold processing?
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      How to choose EDM machine in mold processing? Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is an important technique in die manufacturing, especially in the manufacture of plastic molds.
      With the progress of EDM technology and the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, the performance requirements of EDM
are becoming higher and higher. Then, how to choose EDM machine?
      1.Low oil, low viscosity, quick cooling, good flowability, good flushing and slag discharging effect


      2.Good dielectric and cooling characteristics are required to control the discharge
      3.About the service life,pick a machine with a longer life than the
traditional mineral spark oil
      4.High flash point and low volatility, safe to use, can eliminate hidden
      A good EDM machine can greatly improve production efficiency, lay the foundation for product quality, and then promote the development of the
mold parts processing industry

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