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Analysis about the poka-yoke of core pins
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As we all know, shape thimble, whether it is core pins or sleeves, must have the function of poka-yoke.Today,the editor of YIZE will analyze the poka-yoke of core pins for you.

Poka-yoke of core pins is a preventive corrective action means, if does not have this function, then there is flat thimble installed anti risk, has the following two reasons: 1. in the design of the flat thimble to strengthen the mold ejection, but did not do in the thimble template positioning, resulting in needle top loading die in the process of installed anti risk. 2. fitter in the process of installing the flat thimble installed, resulting in rubber bit shape and customer products 3D does not match.



So how can we solve this problem? First, in the future mold design, the thimble will be positioned on the template (date plate, thimble, material number, thimble, etc.), the specific approach refers to the factory standards. Second, in the thimble positioning, pay special attention to the thimble hanging platform height, pay special attention to check the adjacent hanging height, different thimble whether there is thimble without positioning.Once these problems are solved, a more perfect custom core pins can be created.

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