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How to reduce the unpleasant smell when injection mold processing?
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I believe that the people involved in mold industry know that there are some unpleasant smells when plastic mold parts conduct injection mold processing. Today, a brief summary is given to the method of reducing odour in the injection mold processing of plastic parts.

1.Using a purer resin. The use of a small amount of residual resin in the monomers can eliminate the odor and can be very effective if the odor free resin is used.
2.Changing additives. The catalyst used in the production of polyurethane foam often produces a strong odor and fog on the inner windows of cars. The solution to this problem is to find substitutes for these amines.



3.Adding adsorbent. In injection molding, a small amount of zeolite (an alum inosilicate adsorbent) is added to the polymer to remove the odor of the material.

Through the above methods, the problem about the unpleasant smell during the injection mold processing can be eased.It is believed that the unpleasant smell in the precision plastic mould parts factory will be greatly reduced and the comfortable environment for the employees will also be provided at the same time.

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