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The Excellent Plastic Mold Components Factory in Dongguan---YIZE
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      Why is YIZE the excellent plastic mold components factory in Dongguan? Now let me introduce it to you!

      Dongguan Yize mould Co., Ltd. is a professional production of plastic mold components, connector mold parts, round parts, steel parts manufacturers, manufacturers to adopt advanced imported machinery, has imported several Sadegh discharge machine, wire cutting machine, wire walking, surface grinder, the plastic mold components precision of FG: + 0.001MM, EDM: + 0.002mm, the other is plastic mold accessories manufacturers are difficult to achieve, so YIZE is one of the most high-quality plastic mold components manufacturers.



      According to the nine strict procedures crafted to create mold parts, perfect quality, relying on advanced technology, improve the service life of the die should be multiplied, YIZE mold has an excellent team with 15 years of experience in mold manufacturing,which can fully meet the needs of the international market, quick delivery, the details of human concern measures to make the high quality of Dongguan precision mold components factory.

      Plastic mold components produced by YIZE occupy an important position in the precision plastic mould parts production market, its products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, Japan and other regions, and has received more praise from customers.

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