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Analyzing the machining process of precision mold parts
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The machining process of precision mold parts is equal to the mold manufacturing process and the process of converting mold parts design into  mold parts product,which includes design,manufacturing,procurement of standard parts,mold assembly and mold acceptance and other works.



The main task of studying on the machining process of precision mold parts  is to explore the possibility of mold manufacturing,and solving problems of how to manufacture mold.A mold is composed of several parts,so the fundamental way out is to seek high quality precision mold parts processing with low cost and short cycle.



The cost, cycle and quality are the main economic and technical indexes of mold manufacturing industry.Three indexes, which cannot be considered solely, should be comprehensively considered, and the three links of design, manufacture and use should be coordinated. In the design, the feasibility of the manufacture should be fully considered, and the manufacturing requirements should be satisfied and the users should be used in the manufacture. Design and production should also understand the use, making the design to meet the use of the premise of easy to make.

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