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The discussion about principles of EDM machining
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In the modern mold manufacturing industry, EDM machining has the same position as grinding machine, milling machine, lathe, wire cutting and so on, and it is an indispensable process.Today I'd like to introduce the principles of EDM machining.


1.Macro explanation
The principle of EDM machining is the process of converting electric energy into heat energy (instantaneous about 10000 degrees) by means of the positive and negative charged body (i.e. electrode and workpiece) which is close to but not touching, namely, the electrode and the workpiece, so as to achieve the purpose of forming the corrosion process.



2.Microscopic explanation
The principle of EDM machining is to produce a strong electric field when the negative electrode is infinitely close to the workpiece by mechanical control without touching the workpiece with positive charge. It produces electron flow, impacts the outer electrons of the insulating liquid particles, increases the number of electrons in the form of Pyramid, and then bombardment the atomic particles on the surface of the workpiece with extremely high acceleration and speed, so that it can fall off under the influence of the blasting force after the high temperature.



The principles of EDM machining are as shown above,in summary, the EDM machining is a kind of precision machining, as a technical personnel,we must know its principles so as to do a good job of EDM machining of mold parts.

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