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About the prospect of plastic mold spare parts
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In recent years, China's plastic mold spare parts are developing rapidly,and more and more manufacturing companies use plastic moulds to manufacture parts.Do you know what the prospect of plastic mold spare parts is? Let's take a look at it here.



At present, the proportion of plastic moulds in the whole die industry is about 30%,and the proportion in the import and export of the mold is 50 to 70%.The proportion will continue to raise with the rapid development of the pillar industry of the national economy like Chinese machinery,automobile, electrical appliances,electronic information,building materials and so on.


According to expert prediction,the overall trend of mold market is smooth upward.In the future mold market,the development speed of plastic mold will be higher than that of other molds, and the proportion in mold industry will gradually raise.So the prospect of plastic mold spare parts is very good!



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