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What are the advantages of high-speed CNC processing?
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In the process of mold manufacturing, we often use high-speed CNC processing. What are its advantages? Today, YIZE MOULD will give you a brief analysis.


In practical applications, high-speed CNC processing can solve the processing problems of new materials, adapt to three-dimensional surface processing with high surface quality, high precision and complex shape, reduce and avoid low-efficiency EDM, solve the processing problems of thin-walled parts, high-speed CNC processing composite processing can also reduce the number of handling and clamping, avoid machining errors caused by repeated positioning, etc., which not only improves the processing quality, but also improves the processing efficiency.


high-speed CNC processing


High-speed CNC processing has outstanding advantages over conventional machining: high productivity, stable operation, high surface quality, no need for other surface treatment processes,CNC machining process of thin walled parts and high-strength, high-hardness brittle materials, shortening lead times, Reduce the number of equipment and workshop area, and reduce the number of workers.

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